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SolidFire Native Docker Plug-In Walkthrough

    Yesterday John Griffith released the first version of the SolidFire plug-in for Docker.  Official blog from John is available here http://www.solidfire.com/blog/now-available-solidfire-plug-in-for-docker/ and includes a video of how it works. Here I go through setting up a test environment. I show the interactions with SolidFire here allowing you to see how it works. The code itself, […]

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SolidFire Developer Community & Managing SolidFire with Puppet

SolidFire Developer Community Recently we launched our http://developer.solidfire.com dev community as a place to go when building tools that work with SolidFire. This complements our Git repository at https://github.com/solidfire where we are publishing code and integrations that have been developed. PowerShell and code around our SolidFire Agile Infrastructure solutions lives here, for example. Josh Atwell has done […]

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First Look at Platform9

          Having had a chance to play with Platform9 ( http://www.platform9.com ) as part of some SolidFire internal training I am building, it really does deliver on its promise of getting OpenStack functionality to the user quickly (i.e. 10 minutes), into an existing environment. During my time of using it they also have […]

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