How do you explain what you do at a dinner party, when you work in Storage Pre-Sales?

After explaining that you do not work for “Big Yellow Storage” or that you do not assemble Ikea wardrobes the conversation turns back to the safer topics of sport, cars, houses, children. A former colleague who was sponsored to drive his boat used to say “I am a semi-professional power boat racer” – my favourite repost.

Regardless of it being difficult to explain I do believe right now this is a fascinating time to be in IT. Working at SolidFire (http://www.solidfire.com ) I feel a at an intersection between the shifting worlds of Automation, All-Flash Storage and the move to Public Cloud.

The choices available when deploying infrastructure are much more open than ever. And by open I think both “Open Source” and open to new ideas. Social media, MeetUps & blogging has an impact now on how we engage with customers; major projects like OpenStack, CloudStack along with new ways of sharing code (GitHub) mean what you can achieve with a bit of time, some cut/paste and a bit of patience is amazing.

In my role as an SE I get to hear a lot about this great stuff going on from meeting company technologists, resellers and others in the industry. Hearing about ideas, solutions and challenges is for me as a Systems Engineer is the magical part of the job. When I have a technology that can solve your problem, even better…

Stackparty.com is simply a blog that covers areas I find most interesting and have been involved in through my day job. Right now these areas of interest include:

  • SolidFire storage & Storage Technology
  • Integrations with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, Object Storage & others
  • Views and opinions on the life of a field SE

Articles will be based on things I have researched, to produce demonstrations and POCs to customers, views on implementation & use of SolidFire and other things I find relevant. I hope the content will be useful in producing & evaluating new solutions. It will unashamedly lean toward the more technical & hands-on side initially.

My job involves bringing together and connecting multiple technologies to solve a problem, which is also one of my huge fascinations within IT. I do borrow liberally from what is available on things like GitHub, and if you feel you have not been appropriately credited then please do let me know.

The opinions expressed are all mine and not necessarily shared by my employer; I am not sponsored or paid to write. This is not part of my job and is also partly an exercise in learning WordPress, blogging and writing. The screenshots from labs are grabbed from SolidFire provided labs, when I have chance to use them outside of work hours in quiet times.

Dissent, feedback comments etc. always welcome. I moderate comments simply to keep comment spam down.